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Audrey Bonjour

Architecture d'intérieur

A propos

Architecte d'intérieur, j'exerce principalement dans le secteur privé, m'impliquant dans des projets de différentes envergures et fonctions, mais également dans les secteurs publics.

Spécialiste dans l'habitat, je travaille à la fois dans deux milieux distincts : l'architecture contemporaine et l'architecture de montagne .


Ma philosophie repose sur la collaboration avec une équipe restreinte, permettant d'accompagner mes clients depuis la phase de conception jusqu'à la réalisation finale, en incluant bien évidemment la décoration d'intérieur, afin de maintenir le contrôle sur l'ensemble du processus.

Au cœur de ma motivation se trouve la prise en compte des désirs du client et le désir de former une équipe solide avec lui dans le but d'atteindre une satisfaction totale de ma clientèle.

Audrey Bonjour D'humeur pastel
drapeau américain en agitant

Please contact me for any question regarding your project.

Mes clients ont la parole :

" We found Audrey on the internet where she advertised her company. She was the first who responded to our request. “D’Humeur pastel” was a creative name that made us curious, so we said “Bonjour” to Mdme Bonjour. 


Audrey was very approachable, pleasant to engage with and helpful in organizing the renovation of a kitchen design based on an outdated understanding of kitchen needs and technical level of the 1960ties. The projected work entailed moving walls and opening up the room to give breathing and viewing space by joining the dining room and the kitchen. 

Furthermore, the whole technical infrastructure had to be updated and redesigned. 

The challenge was that all proposals and decisions had to be made over “Zoom” since we were 6000 km apart. It was up to her to choose the right company of the local craftsmen scene who could compete in price and competence to execute the plans she had meticulously designed. She did an excellent job in coordinating the different lots and held everything together and, at the same time, including us in the decision-making process.  

Sure, there were some communication glitches about nuances of colors which we might have chosen differently if we would have been present locally but nothing seriously flawed that would have given cause to revision or complaints. 


Summary: Audrey Bonjour did a great job and we would recommend her without hesitation to everyone who is considering a renovation of an old building from scratch. "

Anne & Hartmut

New York / Neuchâtel

November 2023

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